unfpa cawtar


In the framework of the UNFPA GBV regional strategy for the Arab States, considering the leading role that UNFPA is having globally on GBV and the need on the ground to consolidate and share knowledge on the issue, UNFPA Regional Office for the Arab States decided to develop, in partnership with CAWTAR, a virtual platform to share GBV news, studies, research and other related works. A smart knowledge sharing between actors is emerging as a critical mechanism to foster learning across and enrich the GBV prevention and response practices among national and regional boundaries. This knowledge exchange is based on both a desire to share and, a desire to learn.

Based on the research experience and knowledge on the topic, CAWTAR is the most suitable regional entity for UNFPA to partner with. CAWTAR is, indeed, the administrator of a similar virtual platform on gender issues: the gender clearing house. The Gender Clearing house offers information and data in different formats (pdf, videos, listing, press review, specialized bibliographies, training kits, reports…) on gender issues such as: Women and economic participation, Women and decision making, Women and environment.

CAWTAR and UNFPA regional office for the Arab States co-administer the GBV knowledge platform.

Objectives of the GBV knowledge Platform are:
  • Enhance knowledge sharing on GBV
  • Collect published research in (Arabic, English and French) on GBV since the year 2000
  • Establish a community of practice to exchange good practices and lessons learned on GBV
  • Take stock of existent researches, in order to avoid duplication of studies in the future